What Are The Benefits Of Replay TV For Operators?

Running a video streaming service is a difficult enough endeavour on its own, let alone the thought of adding features or new models into the mix. So the idea of adding Replay TV functionality to your already successful streaming service might not sound like something that is worthwhile, especially if you consider all the opportunities that something like Replay TV has to go wrong. But, in this article, we will hopefully set the record straight about Replay TV, and reassure you as a company, that the benefits far outweigh any teething problems that might occur.

Benefits Of Replay TV

If your company already has video streaming services available, then Replay TV for service providers is the logical next step. It allows you as operators to branch out into a service that the industry knows is becoming increasingly expected by customers. Better yet, it isn’t too far away from the services you already have available, so in many ways Replay TV is a logical next step for you. It will allow your customers to watch TV shows that have aired in the last 48-72 hours, so that they can catch up on a TV show at a time that suits them. With our lives busier than ever, your customers will be thankful that they never have to miss a show they love again.

Beyond that, though, it’s also the perfect time for your company to be considering taking this next step. Not only is Replay TV in high demand, customers are increasingly wanting to be able to get everything they need in one simple space. Customers subscribe to so many streaming services today, with 70% of Americans paying for at least one, but the average is actually 3.4, according to Forbes in 2019 (and imagine how much that number has grown today). That means that Americans are paying upwards of $20 a month just to catch everything they want from different streaming services, and that’s before we even look at traditional cable packages they might pay for too.

Customers don’t want to pay for so many services at once. Americans love brand loyalty. But as it stands, multiple streaming services plus cable is the only viable option for customers to get access to everything they want. But imagine if your company could offer them more? The video services you already supply, but with a little IPTV and Replay TV thrown in? That way, customers could come to one place for everything they needed. You could be the first major company to make a step in that direction and make quick gains in the market as a result.

It’s also worth pointing out the natural evolution of customer’s viewing habits over time. 25 years ago you might have been able to get the entire family sat down in front of one TV screen to catch the latest episode of their favorite show, but this reality doesn’t exist today. Hence why so many of us have turned to video streaming services and multiple devices to meet our demand for media consumption. But if you follow the progression of viewing habits in just a short space of time like this, imagine how wildly different our viewing habits will be 5, 10, 20 years from now. If your company acts now, then you’ll be ahead of the curve, offering an innovative and revolutionary package to customers that will remain unrivaled whilst competitors catch up. Part of the fun of the video service industry is innovation and ingenuity, providing services to customers that meet them where they are now, not where they were twenty years ago. By giving customers what they want now, you’ll be setting yourselves up for continued success in this industry.

What Can You Do Now?

Yes, we made that sound as though the whole thing would run smoothly, and in reality, we know that isn’t always the case. But, that doesn’t mean that you will have to deal with headaches and teething problems all on your own. Companies like https://divitel.com/ can provide you with the support and expert knowledge that you need to make Replay TV functionality a reality, and a reality in which the whole thing runs smoothly. If you’re serious about considering expanding your company’s services, then there are businesses that can help you, and they’re all ready to go. Start by speaking with a professional from Divitel today!