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A Chief Executive Officer, an esteemed Hollywood, and an author of reputable books all have a common ground. They share ambitions and hard work. A recent study by Trust Deals exhibits a correlation that your number of siblings has an impact on the career you undertake. You can click here to access the full results of the study.

Findings of Trust Deals Study

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The study indicates that eventually, the order of children in a family affects their careers. This particular research is not limited to the above-mentioned professions. It is extensive to at least 11 professions. These include rock stars, politicians, reality TV stars, CEOs, authors, composers, athletes, artists, astronauts, researchers, and engineers. Significant findings of the study show that middle children are 30% more anticipated to later on progress to Chief Executive Officer positions when compared to their siblings. If you are planning to participate in the Olympics, you have a 41% more probability of you achieving this goal as a middle child than any of your brothers and sisters. The study also indicates that 29% of astronauts are the eldest child in their families. The highly regarded first person to land on the moon was the oldest child. Neil Armstrong was the first born. Another statistic for the oldest child is on rockstars who have a 25% chance of being a rockstar. Additionally, 32% of reality TV stars are the oldest in their families.