How to register your company in the Netherlands

It is easy to register your company in the Netherlands. You will need a name for your company, if you are the only owner then you can use that name, but if there are other owners then they need to be added as well. If you are trading with other EU countries, or exporting goods, you will also need to apply for VAT. We will get down to it in this article!

The process

The process of registering a company in the Netherlands consists of two steps. The first step is to complete a registration form and submit it to the Chamber of Commerce. This document will then be sent back for approval, and if approved, a Certificate of Registration will be issued to you. The second step is to open a bank account with one of the 24 Dutch banks. There are also specific legal requirements for foreign nationals wishing to register a company in the Netherlands.

The name of the company

What to consider when naming your company: The name should begin with an upper-case letter. It must not be misleading as per Article 1:2 Wft (Dutch Trade Law) and should not be similar as per Article 1:3 Wft (Dutch Trade Law) to any existing company or trademark. The name can be changed later, but you are responsible for informing people of the change.

How to apply for VAT

The steps to apply for VAT in the Netherlands are as follows. First, as said before, get an application form from the Chamber of Commerce. Fill it out and print it. You will need to make sure your company name is on the form. Send it back with your invoice (list of goods sold) and you receive the certificate. Next, you need to get a tax number from the Dutch Tax Service. Once this is completed, come back to the Chamber of Commerce, take the form and fill out where the tax number is needed. Put this all together into one package and submit it back to the Chamber of Commerce for registration/approval.”

In this article, you learned the process of registering a company in the Netherlands. You also learned how to come up with a name for your new Dutch company and what steps need to be taken when applying for VAT. For more info please visit: