How to make salt water drinkable?

Fresh water is scarcer than most of us like to believe, you’ve must have heard about the drought of cities like Cape Town in South-Africa. Not only African cities are drying up but cities in the western world are in danger as well. Now it’s not need to feel guilty about you showering longer than the 5 minutes advised. However something must be done though. The solution is in converting salt water into drinking water. It seems like we don’t have a water problem on planter earth but we have a salt problem. Although there isn’t a shortage in water, there is a shortage of fresh water in most places. Also it isn’t easy to convert salt water into fresh water. In this article you’ll read how the desalination process current works.  

Few ways how we get our fresh water

One of them is the waste water treatment process, the name itself is self-explanatory. Here the waste water is cleaned and put back in the water circulation system to be used.

Water desalination

Another of them is water desalination, this means that salt water becomes converted into fresh water. This means processes are set into place using machines and filter to filter out the salt water. There two main ways to convert salt water into fresh water. The first one is to boil the water until the salt gets left behind. Another way to convert salt water in fresh water is to filter the salt water out. This sounds easier than it actually is, but these are the two main ways.