The future of carbon fiber material

Carbon fiber material was developed in the 1970’s. Nowadays it is used in hundreds of products. Carbon fiber material has a low density and a high strength to weight ratio.

Carbon fiber is an important material in products across many markets and industries. Every year new applications and uses are discovered and the future of carbon fiber looks bright. Carbon fiber material will be used for:

  • Automotive parts
  • Fuel efficient vehicles
  • Alternative energy
  • Constructions

Automotive parts

Carbon fiber material is ultralight weight and it offers great benefits to the automotive industry. Originally carbon fiber is used for race cars, show cars and luxury cars. Soon it may be found in more of our everyday cars and motorcycles.

Fuel efficient vehicles

Carbon fiber material is mostly used in high performance vehicles and cars, but the automotive industry is starting to produce cars with carbon fiber material. By replacing steel components with carbon fiber, the weight of most cars is reduced by 60 percent.

Alternative energy

Carbon fiber material is commonly used for building structures that produce alternative energy. Carbon fiber is strong and light weight and used in the production of fuel cells and wind turbines.


Carbon fiber material provides alternatives to traditional steel, fiberglass material and aluminium. It is the perfect material to create lightweight, precast concrete. Carbon fiber is lightweight, flexible and strong. Due to this properties it can also be used as an earthquake protection in buildings.