Ergonomic Document Holder

Ergonomic document holders range from in-line, freestanding, to adjustable document holders that allow proper positioning of printed materials while accomplishing computer-related tasks. The freestanding holders comprise sloping surfaces that angle the documents in the same plane as the computer screen while in-line holders position documents between the screen and the keyboard at an angle that eradicates side-to-side head movements. On the other hand, the screen-mounted ergonomic document holder is linked to the side of a monitor to suspend documents in the same vertical plane. In brief, these document holders are positioned between the monitor and the keyboard to enhance efficiency and comfort while using a computer.

ergonomic document holder


To prevent excessive strain on the neck, spinal cord, and the entire body while retrieving documents, the document holder is required in an office as it precludes unhealthy on-job posture by easing usability and view-ability of documents. Particularly record-holders eradicate frequent twisting and bending when using a computer and reading documents. Though the micro-movements are detrimentally considered irrelevant aspects in office set-up, they are the primary cause of chronic neck and back ailments. The holders eliminate eye fatigue as records are strategically placed at the same angle and distance as the screen. Besides providing wide-ranging health benefits, document holders create an ambient work-atmosphere by improving desk organization and freeing-up office space.

Owing to the unlimited health and job-related benefits of the ergonomic document holder, individuals should strive to purchase one.