The unique rose colour: Blue roses

Do you want a unique rose that stands out and can also be used for many events? Then the blue roses are perfect for you. Because of the bright blue colour you can be sure that the blue roses are exceptionally beautiful. The roses get their beautiful blue colour by treating them with natural ink. The capillaries in the rose stems absorb the natural ink and this gives the roses their unique blue colour. This natural ink is water-based and also fully biodegradable. This way you can be sure that your blue roses remain a natural product, but still get a unique colour.

The care of blue roses

The care of these blue roses does not differ much from other roses. To keep the vase life of the roses as long as possible, it is important to take care of the roses as soon as possible after receiving them. By cutting the stems diagonally you ensure a longer vase life. Make sure you put the roses in a clean vase with fresh water and rose food. To minimise bacteria it is also important that there are no leaves in the water. The bacteria can cause the roses to wilt sooner. After a week the vase life can be extended by cutting the blue roses at an angle and changing the water and rose food.

Different uses for blue roses

There are many different uses for blue roses. For example, you can give a bunch of beautiful blue roses as a gift for a birth party. The unique nature of these roses ensures that your gift stands out. You can also order blue roses for business purposes. If your company’s house style has a blue colour, it is a nice addition to the interior or at anniversaries or other events. In short: The blue rose can be used at many events to brighten up the interior!