My purchase block of IP addresses

I needed to purchase a block of IP addresses, but it was hard to know where to begin. There are so many details to consider, such as whether the supplying party owns the right to use them. I was also worried about transferring funds only to not receive registration at the end. Luckily someone recommended PrefixBroker, one of the most experienced brokers with a reputation for exceptional customer care.

IP adress

Professional and efficient

From my first call, I was impressed with their professional expertise, as they answered my many questions. In negotiating the deal, they were thorough, checking details I might not have considered like limitations on the use of the IP addresses. By paying through PrefixBroker’s primary notary, I could be confident my transaction would be handled safely. I was very happy with my purchase block of IP addresses. As PrefixBroker has a continual supply of IPv4 addresses ready for sale, the purchase went through far quicker than expected and with the fees explained upfront, there were no hidden surprises.